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Mr. Alaen Driving School LLC! As an experienced instructor with more than 10 years of experience and thousands of students from all different academies receiving top notch training behind the wheel, this passion has inspired the man behind the wheel to continue teaching Defensive and Predictive Driving techniques creating confidence in youth and young adults for years to come across the state of Florida. Nothing has been more rewarding that taking the knowledge we have shared and helping teens and adults learn to drive safely and with better chance of surviving today’s hostile driving environment. Our school offers classes for all driver needs and includes programs for beginners to more experienced drivers needing a refresher. We are state-certified examiners with the familiarity for the correct posturing required by the DMV for your road skills exam testing. We stand on our reputation of being skilled and trusted within our community. Check out our reviews, choose a program and let your journey begin!

Humberto ZapataHumberto Zapata
15:04 08 Dec 23
Excellent instructor. I took 10 driving classes and learned a lot. Very grateful😀😀😀😀
Yuliet DiazYuliet Diaz
15:04 05 Dec 23
Many thanks to Mr Alaen driving school, excellent experience ❤️
Jayakrishna RaoJayakrishna Rao
20:05 04 Dec 23
Great driving school in orlando ever met- great skills and timely and accurate
Nithin SudhakaranNithin Sudhakaran
20:04 04 Dec 23
Best driving school, Alaen is the best teacher evr
Calla LiCalla Li
15:50 02 Dec 23
I was grateful that I was able to learn not only the driving test but also the things necessary for actual safe driving. Thanks to Mr.Alaen for the kind information.
Kevin GonzalezKevin Gonzalez
19:04 28 Nov 23
Best experience ever. Great instructor and very patient with clients. My youngest son will be coming to learn driving from him in 2 years. Again very great instructor
Daniela SanjurjoDaniela Sanjurjo
15:30 19 Nov 23
Wow I cannot say enough about this instructor. Mr. Alaen is patient, friendly, and makes the student feel comfortable and confident. I will be bringing my 16 year old daughter to him. Thank you sooooo much Mr. Alaen
Terriayna SpillmanTerriayna Spillman
21:08 13 Nov 23
I took lessons from another driving school prior to taking them with Mr.Alaen and when I say I could drive worth a lick still after taking lessons with that school, my anxiety was still bad couldn’t do any turns Iike I still couldn’t drive after spending that much money with that school. After 10 hours with Alaen all of that fear went away, I learned a high skill set when it comes to driving and I’m such a better driver. I recommend this to anyone who is having a high level of anxiety when it comes to driving. He truly is the best. I’m crying tears of joy while typing this.
19:03 28 Aug 23
I’m so glad I chose to go with Mr. Alaen driving school. I read all his reviews and felt very confident in choosing his school as my option. My first lesson I was extremely nervous. And 4 lessons later, here I am I have just passed my road test with a perfect score. He is an awesome instructor and getting to know him has felt like family which is an important connection to have with your instructor to feel comfortable with that person so you allow yourself to better learn . I can tell it’s very rewarding for Alaen to know that he is putting more safe drivers on the road with his safe instructions and thus preventing casualties one lesson at a time. Thank you Mr. Alaen!! Best instructor ever. This is one of the best investments you can do for your children. I will look back on our lessons and remember what you taught me, I appreciate you giving me your time.
Jabdielys RiveraJabdielys Rivera
13:46 15 Aug 23
Before I started my lesson I was scared because I didn’t know what to expect, but as soon I met my instructor Alaen he made me feel very comfortable and he made realize that there is nothing to stress about. Once I started with my first lesson I wasn’t doing things right and I was nervous, but after having such an amazing tutor I felt like anything is possible. Alaen is a calming person he takes every step with time and that really helped me a lot. I recommend any teenager or anyone to contact him and the business. It takes time to do something but if you find the right tutor you’ll do just fine. Love it💕

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